JEAS Volume 23: Issue 1&2 (March-June 2021)

Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences
Volume 23: Issue 1&2 (March-June 2021)

Title: Mitigating Zinc Deficiency in Plants and Soils through Agronomic Techniques: A Review
Authors:   Muhammad Fraz Ali, Ali Ammar, Shahid Bilal, Ummar Ali, Noor Huma, Muhammad Adnan
Pages: 1-10 Abstract  View Full-Text  Citations

Title:  Effect of Organic Soil Amendment and Deficit Irrigation on Yield and Irrigation Efficiency of potato (Solanum Tuberosum L.)
Authors:  Riham Zahalan, Muhammad Manhal Al Zoubi
Pages: 11-18 Abstract View Full-Text  Citations

Title: Exploring Spirituality, Successes, and Land Degradation Nexus in Small-Scale Gold Mining (Galamsey) in Ghana: Evidence from the Wa East District
Authors:  Issah Baddianaah, Kenneth Peprah, Abdul-Moomin Adams 
Pages: 19-29 Abstract View Full-Text  Citations

Title: Assessment of Groundwater Quality using Geographical Information System: A Case Study of Faisalabad, Pakistan
Author:  Asif Ali
Pages: 30-35 Abstract View Full-Text Citations

Title: Effect of Different Methods of Boron Application on Growth and Yield Attributes of Maize (Zea mays L.)
Author:  Annam Yar
Pages: 36-43 Abstract View Full-Text  Citations

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