Peer Review Policy

Peer-Review Policy
Manuscript submitted for publication is processed through a rigorous Editorial Review before the formal review process. A relevant Editor (based on Research Expertise) will be assigned for quality check. Upon submission, the manuscript is assessed to check if it meets

  1. Submission Criteria and Quality: Quality work, Falls under the scope of JEAS, written according to the JEAS format.
  2. Similarity Index (Plagiarism) is according to the minimum requirement (less than 19%).

Editorial Rejection: Potential reasons for Editorial Rejection are similarity index (Plagiarism, more than 19% or copied data from already published material), manuscript beyond the scope of JEAS, manuscripts containing insufficient data, etc.

Double Anonymous Reviews: If the handling Editor found the quality of a manuscript satisfactory, it will be sent to the formal review process. The editor will select at least TWO Anonymous Reviewers with relevant expertise as potential peer reviewers for the formal peer-review process.

JEAS follows the Peer-Review process to assess the quality of a manuscript before formal publication. In the Peer-Review process, Handling Editor requests two or more independent researchers (with expertise in the relevant research area) to assess the submitted manuscripts for originality, validity, and significance. Based on Review Reports JEAS Editors determine whether to accept the manuscript for publication in JEAS or revise the manuscript before publication. If the Reviewer/s and/or Editor found the manuscript not suitable for publication, it will be rejected.

In the accepted articles Names of Handling Editor and Reviewers are mentioned with permission.

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