JEAS Volume 1 (2014)

Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences (JEAS)
2014, Volume 1

Title: Estimation of repair and maintenance cost of a tractor base on HP and working hours: Case study of Sudan

Authors: Farid Eltom Abdallah, Ding Weiming, Mohamed Hassan Dahab, A.E. Idris, Mohammad Alhadi

Pages: Article 1

Title: Pesticide Quality Control Program: A case study of Multan

Authors: Ehsan-ul- Haq Mahmood, Niaz Ahmed, Khadim Hussain, Muhammad Akram and Muhammad Naeem Akhtar

Pages: Article 2

Title: Morphological characterization and identification of Begomoviruses in progeny to row trials of Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L.)

Authors: Rezwan Tariq, Asif Ali Khan, Huma Saleem, Muhammad Mubin, Muhammad Shah Nawaz-ul-Rehman

Pages: Article 3

Title: Managing for uncertain Climate Risks: A case study of Sudan

Authors: Shilenje Z. W.

Pages: Article 4

Title: Effectiveness of sticky traps in monitoring insects

Authors: Muhammad Amjad Bashir, Abid Mahmood Alvi and Hina Naz

Pages: Article 5

Title: Satellite data based spectral indices for estimating surface salinity in Pakistan

Authors: Lubna Rafiq, Thomas Blaschke, Hanif ur Rehman and Sidra Zubair

Pages: Article 6

Title: Effect of different levels nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization on yield and chemical composition hybrid sunflower grown under irrigated condition

Authors: Abubaker B. Ali, Omer A. Altayeb, Mohammad Alhadi, Yu Shuang- En

Pages: Article 7

Title: Effect of press mud and FYM application with zinc sulphate on yield of hybrid rice

Authors: Manmohan Sharma, Y. K. Sharma and M. L. Dotaniya

Pages: Article 8

Title: Effect of different Zinc sources and methods of application on rice yield and nutrients concentration in rice grain and straw

Authors: Waleed Khaliq Rana and Saifur Rehman Kashif

Pages: Article 9

Title: An investigation of the transport and dispersion of atmospheric pollutants over Nairobi City

Authors: Victor Ongoma, George Otieno, Onyango Augustine Omondi

Pages: Article 10

Title: Screening of Legume and Cereal seeds against Callosobruchus maculatus on the Basis of Fecundity and Longevity

Authors: Muhammad Amjad Bashir, Abid Mahmood Alvi and Hina Naz

Pages: Article 11

Title: Potential use of tropical wild plant Cissus populnea meal as alternative to soyabean meal in the diet Clarias gariepinus (African catfish) juvenile

Authors: Kehinde Moruff Adelakun, Samson Adelani Alaye, Moshood Keke Mustapha, Damilare Ibukun Ogundiwin and Deji A. Joshua

Pages: Article 12

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