JEAS Volume 14 (2018)

Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences (JEAS)
2018, Volume 14

1. Sagero, P.O., C.A. Shisanya and G.L. Makokha. 2018. Investigation of rainfall variability over Kenya (1950-2012). Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences. 14: 01-15. View Full-Text  Citations

Title: Investigation of Rainfall Variability Over Kenya (1950-2012)

Authors: Philip Obaigwa Sagero, Chris A. Shisanya, George L. Makokha

Pages: 01-15

Title: Response of Growth and Yield of Direct Seeded Rice Cultivars Under Different Planting Patterns

Authors: Ahmad Latif Virk, Naeem Ahmad, Azhar Mahmmod, Abdur Rehman, Ghulam Hasan and Mushtaq Muhammad Sharif

Pages: 16-21

Title: TRMM-Precipitation Data for Estimating Seasonal and Annual Trends Over Peshawar City

Authors: Sapna Tajbar, Bushra Begum, Lubna Rafiq

Pages: 22-30

Title: Effect of Carbonated Drinks on Biochemical Parameters of Rat Serum

Authors: Tehreem Nisar,  Asma Lodhi, Muhammad Imran, Anees Ahmed Khalil, Syed Amir Gilani,  Shinawar Waseem Ali, Rai Muhammad Amir

Pages: 31-38

Title: Effect of Salinity Stress on Anise (Pimpinella anisum L.) Seedling Characteristics Under Hydroponic Conditions

Authors: Asma Sardar, Zeenat Javeed, Umair Riaz, Amna Saleem, Mahrana Ehsan, Muhammad Naveed, Syed Ali Zulqadar, Muhammad Ali Kharal

Pages: 39-45

Title: Nutrients and Anti-Nutrients Composition of Three Different Poultry Feeds in Ondo State, South Western Nigeria

Authors: Akinyinka Akinnusotu, Akinsanmi Solomon Kayode, Aladekoyi Gbenga, Adeniran Olusanya Aladejimokun

Pages: 46-53

Title: Development of A New Drought Tolerant Cotton Variety “BH-167” by Using Pedigree Method

Authors: Rashid Minhas, Sajid Masood Shah, Lal Hussain Akhtar, Syed Awais Sajid Shah,

Muhammad Attiq Sadiq, Sabir Hussain

Pages: 54-62

Title: Predicting the Impacts of Climate Change Scenarios on Maize Yield in the Cattle Corridor of Central Uganda

Authors: Alex Nimusiima, Charles P.K. Basalirwa, Jackson G.M. Majaliwa, David Kirya, Revocatus Twinomuhangi

Pages: 63-78

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