Potassium Management, 4R Nutrient Stewardship

Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences (JEAS). Ramzan, 2020. Volume 22(1): 10-16

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Potassium Nutrient Management in Wheat through 4R Nutrient Stewardship

Humaira Ramzan 1, Mukkram Ali Tahir 1, Ghulam Abbas 2, Tahir Mehmood 2,*
1 Department of Soil and Environmental Science, University of Sargodha, Pakistan
2 Adaptive Research Zone Karor, Layyah, Pakistan

Abstract: In order to meet food requirement of expanding population, cereals yield must be increased. Wheat keeps prime importance in cereal crops of Pakistan. Despite of favorable cropping, this system suffers some weakness due to poor and timely nutrient management resulting in cereal’s productivity loss. Present study was designed to executive the potassium nutrients in wheat cropping system using the 4R nutrient managing approach. The experiment was performed at two locations; one at the experimental site of the Department of Soil and Environmental Sciences, University of Sargodha and Government Research Farm Chakwal, using two wheat varieties (Punjab-2008 and Barani-2011). Treatments were arranged in randomized complete block design (RCBD) under factorial arrangement. Statistical analysis of the data was carried out by studying various yield parameters like plant height (maturity), number of tillers (m2), 1000 grain weight and grain yield (kg ha-1). Least Significance Difference (LSD) test was applied to separate their means. As per results achieved from experiment, potassium source (SOP) applied as basal dose @ 80 kg ha-1 to wheat variety Punjab-2011, exhibited higher grain yield (2811 kg ha-1 ) relevant to (MOP) where grain yield was attained (2711 kg ha-1) applying same doses. On the other hand wheat variety Barani-2011 produced less response and produce (2611 and 2699 kg ha-1) grain yield where SOP and MOP were applied at the same rate. Among the studied cultivars different sources (SOP and MOP) and rates (CKT, 1.5% and 3% solution) of K foliar application produced statistically similar results.

Keywords: Potassium fertilizer, split application, nutrient management, nutrient use efficiency.

*Corresponding author: Tahir Mehmood: tahir7855@gmail.com

Cite this article as: Ramzan, H., M.A. Tahir, G. Abbas and T. Mehmood. 2020. Potassium nutrient management in wheat through 4R nutrient stewardship. Journal of Environmental & Agricultural Sciences. 22(1):10-16.

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