MCQs Plant Breeding and Genetics [3]

1. Who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the discovery of penicillin?


2. Large triplet repeat expansions can be detected by ___________technique


3. _____________ is characterized by the presence of an extra chromosome 21


4. ________ plants can tolerate higher concentration of salts


5. __________________is known as the father of genetics


6. Which nucleic acid contains the sugar ribose?


7. Exon skipping is associated with____________


8. _____________ won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the discovery of prions


9. The normal human chromosome diploid number is_____________


10. ___________ is a group of similar appearing plants are selected and their seed is composite


11. ________ coined the term gene


12. Which of the following is a component of nucleic acids?


13. In meiosis, recombination occurs in________________


14. In RNA cytosine generally pairs with _______


15. _____________is an example of monosomy


16. Maximum duration of long term storage of germplasm can be upto____________________


17. A nonsense mutation involves_____________


18. Selfing of a plant belonging to open-pollinated group is called__________


19. __________________discovered the structure of DNA


20. __________is a rapid speciation following the availability of new environments


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