MCQs General Agriculture [8]

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1. Chemical formula of Murate of Potash (MOP) is _________________


2. __________ is the country with the highest area under cultivation


3. How can machine learning be used to optimize irrigation practices?


4. ________ of the following insects acts as a vector/carrier for Cotton leaf curl virus (CLCV)


5. Insects do NOT feed on plants include _____________


6. Energy requirement of primary tillage implements is _____________ as compared to secondary tillage implements.


7. Global warming potential of Methane is _________ times that of CO2


8. __________is a micronutrient


9. Secondary tillage implements include_____________


10. Turning or bending of plants in response to a touch stimulus_________________


11. __________ are the two most important factors that affect seed quality


12. How can machine learning be used to optimize irrigation practices?


13. ________ is the scientific study of repairing disturbed ecosystems through human intervention


14. _____________ are crop plants growing out of their proper place


15. Average organic matter in Pakistani soils is_________________


16. Exposure of prolonged periods of cold temperature required for flowering is called____________


17. _______________ organisms obtain their food from decaying organic matter


18. ________ plants can tolerate higher salt concentrations


19. The future food security mainly depends on _________Agriculture.


20. ___________________ herbicides can kill all kinds of weeds


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