MCQs Entomology [6]

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Entomology

1. Feeding behavior in which insects feed on surface layers of plant material, scraping or consuming small particles is called ______________


2. Biological control is likely to be most effective when the predator or parasite has a _____________


3. ____________ is the scientific name of cotton aphid


4. _________ is a chemical signal used for communication within a species



5. _________ is a chemical signal used for communication between different species



6. ____________ is not associated with cotton


7. _____ insect order is most closely related (phylogenetically) to the Neuroptera


8. Mutualism between________ is an example of evolution of insect mutualism


9. ______________ is the highest, or most developed, form of sociality among insects



10. _________ of these is NOT considered an insect growth regulator



11. ____________ is the scientific name of green lacewing


12. Well known uses of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) include ____________


13. A decrease in response to a repeated, neutral stimulus is called __________


14. ________ is the process by which some insects evolve resistance to insecticides


15. ______________ is the insect auditory sense structure that detects sound (analogous to the human ear)



16. During insect development, a band of cells called the germ band forms on the underside of the embryo. At this crucial stage germ band_______________


17. Feeding behavior in which insects use specialized mouthparts to pierce host and extract fluids is called ______________



18. The greatest threat to biodiversity in terms of the percentage of species affected is____________


19. When laying eggs, a female insect returns to her larval host plant, even though she has
not fed upon this plant during her adult life. This is an example of _________-


20. ____________ is the scientific name of ladybird beetle


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