MCQs Plant Breeding and Genetics [1]

Plant Breeding, Plant Genetics, Evolution, Genetics

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1. Norman Borlaug is well known due to his contribution in ______________


2. ____________________ are nitrogenous bases in RNA


3. Name of Bacillus thuringiensis was on the name of _____ where it was first discovered


4. Anaphase is the ____________ phase of mitosis


5. Monohybrid cross involves__________________


6. ____________________ are nitrogenous bases in DNA


7. ________ is the international center with a contribution to wheat breeding program


8. Yuan Longping is well known due to his contribution in ______________


9. A phenomenon in which individuals mature as males and can later change to become functional females is called ___________


10. Transcription is carried out by an enzyme__________


11. Canola, a type of rapeseed, developed by plant breeding in Canada in ______________


12. The function of mitochondria in a cell is _______________


13. The physical traits that appear in an individual as a result of its genotype is called__________


14. ________ is an international center working for the improvement of potato


15. ________ is the international center with research focus on rice


16. Main goal of the Green Revolution was____________


17. _______________ is scientific name of strawberry plant


18. Watson and Crick’s model of DNA was described in __________


19. Gregor Mendel was born in ________


20. _______________ is the scientific name of the Kiwi plant


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