MCQs Agronomy [8]

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Agronomy – Test 8

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1. _____________is the weight of soil per unit volume


2. ________ describes the attempt of two or more organisms to utilize the same resource


3. _____________is an essential micronutrient for plants


4. Sunflower seed is called_______________


5. What was the Green Revolution?


6. The primary function of____________hormone is to regulate the fruit ripening


7. ____________ of the followings is the main purpose of adding sulfur to soil


8. Select correct sequence of classification


9. In plants _______________ is the gross production minus respiration


10. International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) is located in _____


11. _______ is not an oilseed crop


12. Evapotranspiration is primarily driven by ——— energy


13. _____________of the following is a common adaptation of plants that grow in shade


14. ___________________ is the ability of weeds to actively eliminate competition by producing toxins that enter the soil and prevent the normal growth of other plants


15. _____________of the following is NOT a factor that affects plant growth and distribution


16. The percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere is approximately__________%.


17. _____________ are major cotton producers


18. Crop rotations are designed to maintain__________


19. Hypogeal stand establishment occurs in ______ plants


20. The primary function of____________hormone is stem elongation by promoting cell growth


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