MCQs Horticulture [2]

1. _____________ are used as a tobacco


2. ___________ is the scientific name of common banana tree


3. Establishment of a forest or stand of trees in an area where there was no previous tree cover is called _______________


4. Most genera of citrus have _______ origin


5. __________ plants exhibit hypogeal germination


6. Technically, banana fruit is called_________________


7. In Pakistan, agriculture contributes ________% to GDP


8. ___________ is the scientific name of daisy plant


9. High yield of vegetable crops can be obtained from _________ soil types


10. ______________is the primary advantage of using aeroponics in vertical farming


11. ___________ is the selection of plants on the basis of phenotypic superiority


12. Water availability to vegetable crops lowest in the _________ soil type


13. Automation in vertical farming is done to ____________


14. __________ is an example of monocots


15. __________ plants exhibit epigeal germination


16. The process by which plants exude water droplets from leaf tips or margins through specialized pores called hydathodes is called ___________


17. ___________ is the scientific name of the common rose plant


18. Growing of crops in tall structures can be called_____________


19. Give your feedback in the comments section.

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20. Quince is a common rootstock for _____________


21. ___________ is the scientific name of marigold plant


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