MCQs Zoology [2]

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1. In grasshoppers, the sclerite on the front of the head is located between the frons and the labrum is ________________


2. ____________amphibians can retains their gills throughout its life


3. Studying patterns on the tree of life above the species level, and inferring the processes that are likely to have generated these patterns, is called ________________


4. Which type of amphibian can regrow its limbs?


5. All vertebrates have ____________ circulatory systems


6. When a group within a species separates from other members of its species and develops its own unique characteristics, it is called ________________


7. In both birds and insects, wings are an example of _________, as they have wings used to fly


8. Kangaroos are members of _____________


9. ____________ are exception to cell theory


10. The majority of ________ animals have compound eyes


11. Word Platyhelminthes means ____________


12. Insects feeding on plants are called___________ insects


13. Humans are _____________


14. Platypus are members of _____________


15. ____________ is the study of organismic diversity on the basis of phylogenetic systematics


16. ____________  is the biological classification system involving categorization of organisms based on shared traits


17. ________ is the scientific study of repairing disturbed ecosystems through human intervention


18. ____________  is a change in gene frequency within a population


19. ____________ is not an amphibian


20. ____________ is an example of a primitive trait in modern humans


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