MCQs Botany [7]

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Botany, Plant Sciences

1. Prosenchyma is a type of __________


2. In DNA adenine generally pairs with _______


3. Prosenchyma is a type of __________



4. Azotobacter is ________ that fixe atmospheric nitrogen in the soil


5. _________ described water movement out of the cell


6. Pollen grain formation is a key adaptation that allows plants to reproduce ____________, for fertilization.


7. ______________ received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1930), for his research into the constitution of haemin and chlorophyll and especially for his synthesis of haemin


8. Heterosis is_______


9. _________ can be associated with plant cell swelling


10. ____ is credited with popularizing the concept, “All cells come from cells,” a foundational principle of Cell Theory”.


11. _________ described massive water loss causing cell shrinkage


12. ______________ received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1961), for his research on carbon dioxide assimilation in plants


13. ______________ received shared Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1988), for the determination of the three-dimensional structure of a photosynthetic reaction centre”


14. Glycosidic Linkage connects two ________________


15. ______________ received Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1915), for his research on plant pigments, especially chlorophyll


16. _______ is an organism that lives on or inside the body of a different organism and obtains nutrients from it


17. Normal greenhouse effect is essential for life on Earth, trapping heat that keeps our planet warm, maintaining an average temperature ______.


18. A ____________ is a comprehensive written work that provides a detailed and authoritative account of a specific taxonomic group, such as a genus, family, or class


19. _________ is the study of fungi


20. Eggplants belong to the ______________ family


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