MCQs Entomology [5]

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Entomology

1. Most of the soil fumigants are applied using


2. The use of X-ray irradiated flies for pest management is an example of_____________


3. ______ of the structures is unicellular


4. Indirect flight muscles cause wing movement by___________


5. _________ is another name for walking or running leg


6. Examples of some density-independent mortality factors in insect populations are ____________


7. Insects are much stronger than man because_______


8. _______ suture is not found on the head capsule


9. Sucking mouthparts are NOT found in _________


10. ________ insect order is involved in the transmission of Human disease pathogens


11. An ommatidium is best defined as a ______________


12. An insect’s mechanoreceptors would NOT be sensitive to___________


13. _______________ class of chemical insecticides is characterized by a relatively high degree of environmental persistence.


14. Monarch butterflies undertake long-distance migrations over multiple generations. This behavior is most likely guided by ______________


15. __________ event might initiate temporary nocturnal behavior in an insect whose activity cycle is under exogenous control


16. Chewing mouthparts never occur in________- insects


17. Members of __________ are known for their large, compound eyes and excellent vision


18. ______________ is the family of the Bemisia tabaci


19. Bed bugs are nocturnal insects that feed on human blood. This behavior is an example of__________


20. insect pathogens are members of ____________ group/s


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