MCQs Horticulture [6]

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2. ____________ is a non-climacteric fruit


3. Lettuce is technically _______


4. _________   plants are generally unisexual


5. Botanical name of grapefruit is __________


6. _________ are specialized plants that reproduce by covered seeds.


7. _________   are the largest citrus fruits


8. Botanical name of Pomelos is


9. An outgrowth on a plant structure, typically a leaf, that resembles a small leaf or other structure is called _______________


10. Amino acid methionine is the precursor of plant hormone ___________


11. Potatoes are technically _______


12. Banana plant itself (the above-ground stem) bears fruit ______ in its lifetime


13. _________ plants are generally seasonal in nature


14. _______________ is the arrangement of veins in a leaf


15. ________deficiency can cause night blindness, and its supplementation can be effective in restoring normal vision.


16. _________ are the plants that lose their leaves in the fall


17. Chickpeas exhibit _____________ germination


18. The Irish Potato Famine, also known as the Great Hunger, was primarily caused by a destructive plant disease, ________________


19. _________ are specialized plants that reproduce by naked seeds, which are not enclosed in a fruit or flower.


20. A modified leaf that is usually smaller and simpler than a true leaf, and is associated with a flower, inflorescence, or cone is called _______________


21. In vegetative propagation, ____ is a technique that utilizes a single bud as the scion, inserted into a slit made in the stem of another plant (rootstock).


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