MCQs Soil Science [1]

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Soil Science
Soil Science, Sustainable agriculture, weathering, erosion, nutrients, pedogenesis, soil formation, texture, structure, organic matter, pores,

1. __________is a mobile nutrient in the soil


2. Select the correct order of soil particles (Largest to smallest)


3. ___________ is involved in the regulation of water balance, enzyme activation, and fruit quality of plants


4. ___________ is a micronutrient


5. ____________ is the water exuded by plants, usually during overcast nights, under warm and moist soil conditions


6. ___________ nutrient is involved in the regulation of nitrogen fixation


7. _____________is the synthetic organic fertilizer


8. ____________ is a layer of soil particles adhering to plant roots


9. _____________________________ is sum total of all conditions surrounding us at a specific time and location


10. Insectivore plants grow in ________ soils


11. The bacteria involved in the nitrification process are ________ nature


12. ___________ is essential component of chlorophyll


13. ____________ is the zone of soil directly surrounding plant roots


14. ___________ is a heavy metal


15. In hydrolysis _______________


16. The metamorphic rocks are formed under conditions of______________


17. Soil organic matter in soil can improve soil water holding capacity mainly because of __________


18. Plants wilt when the soil moisture content falls below __________


19. Colluvial parent material is transported by _________________


20. __________ has the highest water holding capacity


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  1. Beautiful and excellent exercise.
    I’m soil scientists but pasture and range manager

    1. Glad that our content is helpful for you. Good luck with your future board exams! Feel free to comment if we can assist you in your exams.

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