MCQs Entomology [2]

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1. In insects, proteins “myosin” and “actin” are part of ____________


2. _____________ of the following is not included in Uniramia


3. _____________ is a group of wing-containing insects with complete metamorphosis


4. ____________ is the main excretory product found in insects


5. _________________ is used for quiescent stage of butterflies instead of pupa


6. What is the average lifespan of an insect?


7. Why insects are short-lived (short life duration)


8. ____________ of the following is a natural insecticide


9. Primary role of the drone is to mate with ___________


10. In insects, period of summer dormancy is called_____________


11. _____________ is a group of wingless insects


12. In insect classification, silverfish is placed in order_____________


13. ____________is the most common type of pesticide used in agriculture


14. Generally, the role of cultural control in an IPM approach is _________


15. ____________ from the below pesticides, is a herbicide


16. DDT was banned in the year ____________


17. Primary role of the cocoon is to___________-


18. _____________ organisms feed on dead animals


19. ____________is the top user of pesticides by total volume used


20. _____________ is the family of locusts


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