MCQs Entomology [3]

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1. Insects which appear or active in twilight are called___________ insects


2. ____________ in the below pesticides, is an insecticide


3. Which of the following stage of the lifecycle is not used for butterflies?


4. Scientific study of dragonfly is called ______________


5. A species that is not native to an ecosystem is called__________ species


6. Cantharophily is the pollination by ___________


7. Winter dormancy is called_____________


8. In insect classification, dragonflies are placed in order_____________


9. __________ describes ability of an organism to produce viable offspring during lifetime of a female


10. _____________ is scientific name of desert locust


11. Male bees are also called_____________


12. A temporary slowing down of metabolism and development in response to adverse environmental conditions in insects is called______________


13. Scientific study of ants is called ______________


14. Insects feed on only one type of food are called ____________


15. _________________ is used for the quiescent stage of moths instead of pupa


16. _____________ is a group of wing-containing insects with incomplete metamorphosis


17. ___________ found in the exocuticle of insects, but NOT in the endocuticle


18. Potency of a substance at which 50% of growth, biological activity or biochemical function is inhibited is called_________–


19. Branch of agriculture which focus on the study of insect pests and their control


20. Scientific study of bees is called ______________


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