MCQs Soil Science [3]

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Soil Science
Soil Science, Sustainable agriculture, weathering, erosion, nutrients, pedogenesis, soil formation, texture, structure, organic matter, pores,

1. Cover crops cause reduction of ____________


2. Some weeds actively eliminate competition by releasing toxins in the soil and inhibit normal growth of other plants this phenomenon is known as ______________


3. _________  are the diverse community of microorganisms living in the rhizosphere


4. Method which completely removes weed plans is called___________


5. Wheat is ______________ in nature


6. _______________ is the inherent capacity of soil to supply nutrients in balanced form


7. ___________ is the most suitable soil for potato cultivation


8. _____________ is an inter-species interaction, which improves soil nutrient uptake


9. Azotobacter is a___________________ that fix atmospheric nitrogen in the soil


10. _____________ _ is an intraspecific cellular extension, which increases the root surface area for efficient water and nutrient absorption


11. In ____________ an immature crop is incorporated into the soil


12. ___________________ describe the rate at which water moves through soil


13. Considering relationship with soil, pick the odd term from the following


14. The most abundant mineral in the earth’s crust is _______________


15. Soils irrigated by tube well water generally experience the deficiency of ___________


16. The value of bulk density of mineral soil is always ______________ particle density


17. __________ is the relative proportions of soil particles in the soil.


18. ____________ can influence the selection of irrigation method


19. Efficiency of leguminous crops depends on ___________


20. Soils irrigated by tube well water generally experience the deficiency of ___________


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