MCQs Botany [1]

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1. Cereal seeds are rich in ___________________


2. Major component of legume seeds consists of ___________________


3. In plants _______________ is the gross production minus respiration


4. Stem elongation by promoting cell growth is the primary function of____________hormone


5. Evapotranspiration is primarily driven by __________________ energy


6. Select correct sequence of scientific classification of living organisms


7. _____________of the following is a common adaptation of plants that grow in shade


8. _____________is an essential micronutrient for plants


9. _____________in the following is not a type of wheat plant


10. Regulation of fruit ripening is the primary function of____________hormone


11. _____________is the major factor that triggers phenological development of plants


12. Olericulture is the study dealing with_________________


13. Pome fruits include________


14. ___________________ can be the chemicals used for disease control in plants


15. Plant response to gravity is called___________________


16. Plant response to touch stimulus is called___________________


17. _______________ is the scientific name of the strawberry plant


18. _____________of the following is NOT a factor that significantly affects plant growth and distribution


19. Scientifically sunflower seed is called________


20. Scientific name of common rice is  ___________________


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