Aims, Scope and Objectives

Aims, Scope, and Objective of Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences (JEAS)

Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences believes in the promotion, understanding, and generation of knowledge in the field of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences with a focus on the promotion of sustainable development, food security, and conservation of natural resources, and on providing optimum solutions to diverse global challenges.  

Management of Agropublishers and Editorial Team of the Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences is committed to publishing high-quality and latest scientific research. In addition to publishing original Research Articles, Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences will publish Reviews, Book Reviews, Comments, Database Articles, Technical Reports, Software Articles, Short Communications, Research Methodologies, Features and Correspondence, Letters to the Editor, Newsletters, Perspectives, Scientific Blogs.

Disciplines covered in the JEAS

Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences is a multidisciplinary journal that covers a broad range of topics in the dynamic nexus of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences. Topics include (but not limited to)

Agricultural Sciences: Agronomy, Agricultural Extension, Agricultural Engineering, Animal Sciences, Crop Science, Crop Nutrition, Crop Modelling and Simulation, Digital Agriculture, Entomology, Farm Management, Fodder and Forage Science, Food security, Food Science, Forestry Rangeland and Wildlife, Horticulture, Irrigation Management, Organic Farming, Plant Breeding, Plant Genetics, Plant Physiology, Plant Pathology, Precision Agriculture, Soil Science and Land Management, Biotechnology, Weed Science, Urban Farming,

Environmental Science and Technology: Atmospheric Science, Biodiversity and its conservation, Biogeochemistry, Climatology, Climate change and its impacts, Ecosystem and ecosystem services, Environmental behavior, Environmental degradation, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Health, Environmental Law and Education, Geography, Green Infrastructure, Hydrology, Human Population and Environment, Policy Studies, Land Cover and Land Use Change, Natural Resource Management, Pollution Impacts and Control, Remote Sensing & GIS, Supply Chain Management, Urban Science and Studies, Waste Management, Water–Energy–Food Nexus, Water-Soil-Waste Nexus.

Social Aspects: Agricultural Economics, Poverty, Rural Sociology, Circular Economy, Education regarding Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.


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