MCQs Plant Breeding and Genetics [2]

Plant Breeding, Plant Genetics, Evolution, Genetics

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1. The function of mitochondria in a cell is _______________


2. Bacillus thuringiensis as toxic organism was first time reported in ________


3. _______________is true about telomeres


4. The complete set of proteins made by an organism is known as  ____________


5. ____________ of the following is not a chromosomal aneuploidy


6. Function of DNA ligase during DNA replication is ___________________


7. ________ proposed germplasm theory


8. Proteins involved in the process of converting, or transcribing, DNA into RNA ____________


9. The full range of RNA molecules expressed by a genome is known as its ____________


10. The full range of RNA molecules expressed by a genome is known as its ____________


11. ________ is attributed to first time reporting of male sterility in plants


12. system, is the __________________ because of producing two different gametes


13. During anaphase, each pair of chromosomes is _______ into two identical, independent chromosomes


14. Individuals with both ovarian and testicular elements are called _____________


15. _____ of the following is NOT a type of structural chromosomal aberration


16. Male sterility (in plants) was first reported in __________ plant


17. _____ the progeny descendent solely by self-pollination from a single homozygous plant


18. _____________ is the category of genetic male sterile lines


19. Research done by Norman Borlaug  in _____________is credited with starting the Green Revolution


20. Short regions of the Y and X chromosomes that contain homologous gene sequences is called


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