MCQs Botany [5]

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Botany, Plant Sciences

1. when glucosinolates are broken down, by myrosinase, _________ are formed.


2. _______ of the following is NOT typically studied by ethnobotanists


3. ________________ phytochemicals are involve in plant defense against herbivores


4. ________________hormone breaks seed dormancy in plants.


5. Micropropagation refers to the rapid multiplication of plants using________


6. ___________ is the scientific name tea plant


7. ________________hormone is used to stimulate root development in tissue culture.


8. ________________hormone commonly known as a stimulator of seed dormancy stimulation in plants.


9. ___________ is the scientific name rubber plant


10. ________________hormone promotes senescence in plants.


11. _________________is the botanical name for the common orange tree


12. _______________ is the role of xylem in plants


13. Golden rice is genetically modified for _____________ fortification


14. Cryopreservation is a technique used for ________________


15. _______________  developed the system of binomial nomenclature for plants


16. ___________ is the scientific name of Aloe vera plant


17. Allelopathy is an important component in the development of future integrated strategies for____________


18. _________ technique is associated with rapid plant propagation


19. Somaclones are plants regenerated from____________


20. ___________ is the family of coffee plant


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