MCQs General Agriculture [9]

1. Zadoks Scale describes _________________


2. The total area of land under irrigation (measured in hectares (ha) or acres) is called _________


3. CPF is used for cultivars of  ____________ crop


4. ___________ is the rate at which water is applied to the field (measured in units like cubic meters per second)


5. What is the primary function of magnesium in plants?


6. _____________ is a water-saving strategy involving the storage of water in specialized tissues of plants


7. Soil organic matter contributes to soil biodiversity  _____________


8. How does biochar help in mitigating climate change in agriculture?


9. ___________________ types of chemicals can be used for plant disease control


10. When plants bend their stem in response to light, it can be called __________________


11. Which agricultural practice can help mitigate the impacts of heatwaves on crops?


12. How does soil organic matter contribute to soil pH regulation?


13. ___________ is the system of naming plants based on scientific rules


14. Which soil property is NOT influenced by soil organic matter content?


15. Which nutrient is typically abundant in soil organic matter?


16. _________ is an environmental factor that exacerbates the impact of drought stress on plants


17. Which type of plants are generally more tolerant to heat stress due to their adaptations to arid environments?


18. What is the main purpose of applying biochar in agricultural soils?


19. ___________________ is a key contributor to the aroma of fragrant rice


20. Which nutrient is essential for the synthesis of amino acids, proteins, and nucleic acids in plants?


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