MCQs Agronomy [16]

1. __________ is known as the Father of Hybrid Rice


2. In Pakistan, ________ is the most important cropping pattern for food security


3. _________soil is best for growing rice


4. Amount of water a soil can store depends on the__________


5. Discipline that studies the relationship between agricultural production and climatic factors is called agricultural _____.


6. When a warm, moist air mass moves over a cool surface, _________ occurs within the warm air mass, potentially leading to cloud formation.


7. Branch of agriculture which study integration of trees and crops in agroecosystems is called_______


8. ____________ type of plants can have the highest water use efficiency


9. ____________ type of plants can have the lowest water use efficiency


10. Branch of agriculture which study physiological process in plants is called_______


11. _____ is the study of living organisms, and their interactions with each other and with their nonliving environment.


12. After entering the soil, downward movement of water through the soil profile is called_______________


13. _________ is the most tolerant grass


14. Exchangeable sodium percentage (ESP) in saline soils can vary, but it typically ___________.


15. _________ is the branch of agriculture deals with the study of soil and its management


16. __________ is the major constraint to crop productivity in arid climates


17. How many rainfall patterns in dry regions did Harold E. Dregne (1982) describe?


18. ____________ is the water exuded by plants, usually during overcast nights, under warm and moist soil conditions


19. Evaporation causes a rapid loss of water from the top layer of moist soil, but the depth of this layer depends on several factors. Generally, water loss occurs from a moist soil surface to a depth of ______ cm after rain.


20. A soil having EC ________mmhos/cm generally its harmful effect will be negligible


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