MCQs Botany [8]

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for Test Preparation

Botany, Plant Sciences

1. Photosynthesis in C3 plants takes place within the ______.


2. Hydrometer is used for measurement of ___


3. _________ turns of the Calvin cycle are required to yield one molecule of glucose.


4. _____ is the process of adapting wild plants for cultivation and use by humans


5. ___ is the usable energy or biomass produced by plants after accounting for their own respiration needs.


6. ______ is another name of Chloroplasts


7. Crop wild relatives have been particularly valuable for improving crop _____


8. ___in the following is not a member of genus Triticum


9. _____ is the role or position of an organism in the ecosystem


10. _____ is the most abundant enzyme on earth


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