MCQs Agronomy [23]

1. The major source of water readily available for plant uptake is ____________.


2. Plant hormone ____________  promotes senescence and fruit ripening


3. Inflorescence of sugarcane is open branch Panicle which is known as _________


4. Globally ________ is the leading sugarcane producing country


5. The depth of irrigation water required for the full crop period excluding rainfall is called ________ .


6. _____________ is considered as the King of Fodder of crops


7. Botanical name of Tropical cane is ___________


8. Based on current scientific evidence __________ is considered a potential center of origin for Mustard crop


9. Sugarcane is composed of ______ of juice


10. ______________ in sugarcane involves tying the stalks together to prevent lodging,
using the lower sheath leaves.


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