JEAS Volume 12 (2017)

Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences (JEAS)
2017, Volume 12

Title: Agricultural Productivity and Food Security: Role of Public and Private Sector Investment in Research and Development

Authors: Muhammad Usman, Umar Ijaz Ahmed, Munnaza Javed

Pages: 01-10

Title: Genotypic Variations in Yield and Yield Components of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) under Water Deficit at Flower Initiation and Pod Formation

Authors: Javed Shabbir Dar, Nisar Ahmed Pahore, Waqar Ali Pahore, Saeed Ahmed Buriro

Pages: 11-18

Title: Efficacy of Herbicides for Weed Control in Garlic (Allium sativum, L.)

Authors: Nasir Ali, Muhammad Ashiq, Hafeez Ameer

Pages: 19-24

Title: Delineating Macro and Micro Nutrients in Soils of Tarn Taran District of Indian Punjab

Authors: Rajan Bhatt, Paramjit Singh

Pages: 25-34

Title: Measuring Economic Efficiency among Rice Farmers through Nonparametric Approach in Punjab Pakistan

Authors: Muhammad Rizwan, Zhou Deyi, Rajani Osti, Adnan Nazir, Umar Ijaz Ahmed, Guixian Gao

Pages: 35-43

Title: Dual Potential of Allelotoxins for Weed Control and Improved Crop Growth: A Mini-Review

Authors: Huma Qureshi, Muhammad Arshad

Pages: 44-53

Title: Ecosystem Vulnerability Assessment under Climate Crisis: A Review

Authors: Laila Shahzad, Arifa Tahir, Faiza Sharif, Muhammad Umar Hayyat, Muhammad Farhan, Manal Shah

Pages: 54-64

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