Volume 23: Issue 3&4 (September-December 2021)

Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences
2021, Volume 23, Issue 3&4

Title: Foliar Application of Phosphorous, Zinc, and Boron Enhances Cotton Production
Authors: Zafar Abbas, Ghulam Abbas, Jamshad Hussain, Tahir Mehmood, Marghub Amer, Sajjad Hussain, Muhammad Naveed Ahmad
Pages: 1-7. [View Full-Text] [Citations] 

Title: Effect of Drought Stress on Morphology, Yield, and Chlorophyll Concentration of Hungarian Potato Genotypes
Authors: Muhammad Waqar Nasir, Zoltan Toth
Pages: 8-16. [View Full-Text] [Citations

Title: Impact of Extrinsic Rewards on Employees Satisfaction: A Case Study of Agriculture Sector of Multan, Pakistan
Author: Muhammad Adnan
Pages: 17-22. [View Full-Text] [Citations]   

Title: Bioactive-sulfur coated diammonium phosphate improves nitrogen and phosphorus use efficiency and maize (Zea mays L.) yield
Authors: Bisma Sattar, Shakeel Ahmad, Ihsanullah Daur, Muhammad Baqir Hussain, Muqarrab Ali, Tanveer ul Haq, Muhammad Arif, Mahak Bakhtawer
Pages: 23-29. [View Full-Text] [Citations]  

Title: Performance evaluation of improved and conventional sugarcane crushers: A comparative study
Authors: Muhammad Danyal, Muhammad Tahir Jamil, Fiaz Ahmad, Muhammad Iqbal Sabar, Abdul Aleem, Sajid Maqbool, Aftab Khaliq
Pages: 30-36. [View Full-Text] [Citations]    

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