MCQs Botany [2]

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1. Concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere is approximately ____________________________


2. ________ proposed germplasm theory


3. __________ is the botanical name of the tomato plant


4. High temperature causes increased _______ , leading to plant water stress


5. ___________ is sum total of all conditions surrounding us at a specific time and location


6. __________ is called seed dormancy


7. In plants,_____________ is called seed viability


8. _______ can be termed as soil structure


9. ____________ is the process of water uptake by roots


10. ________ cell lacks a well defined nucleus


11. Concentration of nitrogen in the atmosphere is approximately ____________________________


12. ________ is the main energy-producing organelle in the cell


13. In plants________ are the chemicals synthesized during photosynthesis


14. In plants________ is the movement of synthesized materials from leaves to other plant parts


15. _______ is the scientific name name for the peanut plant


16. Golgi apparatus in a cell can perform ____________function


17. Soil texture can be defined as____________


18. __________ is the common name of Triticum dicoccum


19. Photorespiration takes place in ___________


20. Cell wall is a distinct feature of ___________ cell


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