MCQs Zoology [1]

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1. ________ describes attempt of two or more organisms to utilize the same resource


2. Dengue is transmitted to humans through______________-


3. ________ proposed germplasm theory


4. At____________oC temperature water has maximum density


5. Transformation of a species over time, without branching of the evolutionary line of descent, is called_________________


6. _________ insects feed on only one type of food


7. Concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is approximately ____________________________


8. Insects belong to phylum___________



In pond ecosystem, benthos are___________


10. Watson and Crick’s model of DNA was described in __________


11. Gregor Mendel was born in ________


12. ___________ are not herbivores


13. A mass extinction is_______


14. Cephalopods are__________


15. ____________ is the level of taxonomic study concerned with the biological aspects of taxa, including intraspecific populations, speciation, evolutionary rates and trends


16. __________%of animal species are invertebrates


17. Malaria is transmitted to humans through______________-


18. _______________ species have an extremely high impact on ecosystem, and it define the entire ecosystem population


19. Concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere is approximately ____________________________


20. Function of DNA ligase during DNA replication is ___________________


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