JEAS Volume 18 (2019)

Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences (JEAS)
2019, Volume 18

Title: Improving vegetable value chains in Pakistan for sustainable livelihood of farming communities
Authors:  Muhammad Sohail Mazhar, Babar Ehsan Bajwa, Gerard McEvilly, Gomathy Palaniappan, Munawar Raza Kazmi
Pages: 01-09

Title: Drought stress mitigation by foliar feeding of potassium and amino acids in wheat
Authors: Ali Ahmad, Zubair Aslam, Muhammad Zahaib Ilyas, Hafeez Ameer, Ahmad Mahmood, Muhammad Rehan

Title: Selection and studying of geography as a masters subject in Bahawalpur, Pakistan: Students perceptions and prospects
Authors: Muhammad Mohsin, Samira Safdar, Asad Ali Khan
Pages: 19-28

Title: Thick grass mulching improves soil moisture and weed control without improving yield and quality of container grown tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) under plastic tunnel conditions
Author: Beatrice Mwende Mutisya, George Mbira Kere
Pages: 29-37

Title: Evaluation of past and future extreme rainfall characteristics over Eastern Uganda
Authors: Nimusiima Alex, Kisembe Jesse, Nakyembe Neoline
Pages: 38-49

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