Volume 25: Issue 3&4 (2023)

Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences
2023, Volume 25, Issue 3&4

Title:  Evaluating Heavy Metals Contamination in Soil, Water, and Vegetables Cultivated in Three Areas of Ad Dawadmi Governorate, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Authors:  Kholoud Z. Ghanem, Mohammed E. S. Abdalla, Ietidal E. Mohamed
Pages: 1-10 [Abstract] [View FullText]

Title:  Health-Protecting Properties of Olive Leaves (Olea europaea L.) via Antioxidant Profile and Phenolic Composition
Authors: Emel Akbaba
Pages: 11-21 [Abstract] [View FullText]

Title: Identification of volatile constituents and biological activity potential of Abelia triflora
Authors: Sahifa, Samar Ali, Maria Bibi

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