Groundwater Quality Assessment Using GIS

Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences (JEAS). Ali, 2021. Volume 23(1&2): 30-35

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Assessment of Groundwater Quality using Geographical Information System: A Case Study of Faisalabad, Pakistan

Asif Ali 1,* 
1 Department of Agricultural Engineering, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan

Abstract: Existing surface water resources are inadequate to meet the rapidly increasing water requirements of humans. Hence, a significant increase in the demand of groundwater is observed and further rise is predicted. Groundwater quality and quantity monitoring are necessary to control anthropogenic activities in Faisalabad. This paper deals with the mapping of spatial variations of the groundwater quality in pre- and postmonsoon seasons, in the industrial city Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan. There are mostly major three parameters as EC, SAR, and RSC are used to evaluate the quality of water for irrigation purposes. Pre and post-monsoon seasons water quality were assessed with the best fit model using GS+ and GIS applications. The required parameters were analyzed according to the standards of WAPDA, PID (Punjab Irrigation Department) and PCRWR (Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources). The adverse area from the detailed study during pre- and post-monsoon season was about 22.50% and 15.22% respectively. The area affected in pre-monsoon season was more than postmonsoon season. The maximum part of the area is affected due to the sodium adsorption ratio (SAR). The results of this research conclude that after the monsoon season quality of groundwater becomes better in the Faisalabad region, due to the addition of a large amount of water in both surface and groundwater. Low rainfall records and more temperature of this region have bad effects on groundwater level and quality due to more extraction of water and effluent discharge of industries.

Keywords: Water recharge, mapping, Ordinary kriging, EC, SAR, RSC.

*Corresponding author: Asif Ali:

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