MCQs Zoology [3]

1. ________________ ensures the accurate transmission of genetic information to daughter cells.


2. Main function of the nuclear envelope is ______________________


3. ___________ is the connecting link between annelids and arthropods


4. _________ is a complex of DNA and protein found in eukaryotic cells.


5. _________________ creates an intermediary molecule to carry genetic information from DNA to the cytoplasm.


6. Main function of chromatin is ______________________


7. Members of ___________ include arrow worms


8. Fly larvae (maggots) demonstrate a behavioral adaptation where they move away from light sources, which is an example of _____________


9. _________ cell organelle is known as the cleaner of the cell waste


10. Members of ___________ include microscopic freshwater animals


11. ______________ converts the genetic code into the building blocks of life (proteins)


12. Main function of nucleoplasm is ______________________


13. Main function of nucleolus is ______________________


14. Creating an identical copy of the DNA molecule before cell division is called _________________


15. ___________ is an aquatic insect with nymphs that breathe through gills


16. _________ is not directly associated with the nucleus of a cell.


17. Outlines the flow of genetic information in living organisms is called _________________


18. Ribosomes are freely suspended in the ________


19. The branch of zoology dedicated to the study of birds is called__________


20. Copying DNA into a single-stranded molecule of messenger RNA (mRNA) is called _________________


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