Volume 24: Issue 3&4 (September-December 2022)

Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences
2022, Volume 24, Issue 3&4

Title: Solid Waste Characterization and Management In Municipality of Datu Saudi Ampatuan, Maguindanao, Mindanao, Philippines
Authors:Glyziel Tumaclas, Mashod Guno, Maria Del Carmen Espina, Yousouf Ali Kamenza, Gajil Santos, Joel Pardillo

Pages: 1-10 [Abstract] [View Full-Text] [Citations]

Title: Assessing the Effect of Aflatoxin on Maize Production in Southwest Nigeria
Authors: S.F. Arifalo, O.A. Thompson, O.O. Ibiloro
Pages: 11-22 [Abstract] [View Full-Text] [Citations]

Title: Application of Sulphate of Potash Enhances Mungbean (Vigna radiata) Yield under Agroclimatic Conditions of Thal, Pakistan
Authors:  Ishtiaq Hussain, Ghulam Abbas, Jamshad Hussain, Zafar Abbas, Tahir Mehmood, Marghub Amer, Qaisar Maqsood, Irfan Rasool
Pages: 23-28 [Abstract] [View Full-Text] [Citations]

Title: Remediation of Saline Soils by Application of Biochar: A Review
Authors: Muhammad Zaib, Usama Farooq, Muhammad Adnan, Saleem Sajjad, Zaheer Abbas, Kamran Haider, Noreen Khan, Roaid Abbas, Awon Shahzeb Nasir, Muhammad Furqan Muhay-Ul-Din
Pages: 29-36 [
Abstract] [View Full-Text][Citations]

Title: Protecting Endangered Species: A Case Study of Indus River Dolphin
Authors: Muhammad Rizwan Ali
Pages: 37-43 [Abstract] [View Full-Text] [Citations]

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