Volume 25: Issue 1&2 (2023)

Journal of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences
2023, Volume 25, Issue 1&2

Zinc Biofortification of Mungbean (Vigna radiata L.) as Influenced by Varieties and Zinc Fertilization
Authors: Pushkar Dev, Ummed Singh, L. Netajit Singh, Y. S. Shivay, Manoj Kumar, P. R. Raiger
Pages: 1-17 [Abstract] [View Full-Text]

Effect of Production Systems on Micro-Mineral Composition of Camel Milk Produced in Sudan
Authors: Sarra M. B. Mohamed Elhassa, Hafiz I.I. Osman, Ibtisam E. M. El Zubeir
Pages: 18-26 [Abstract] [View Full-Text]

Optimization of Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilization Rates for Improving Mungbean Production Under Arid Agroclimatic Conditions of Thal, Punjab, Pakistan
Authors: Ishtiaq Hassann, Ghulam Abbas, Jamshad Hussain, Zafar Abbas, Tahir Mehmood, Marghub Amer, Muhammad Ashraf Bhatti, Sajjad Hussain
Pages: 27-36 [Abstract] [View Full-Text]

Water Stress in Crop Plants, Implications for Sustainable Agriculture: Current and Future Prospects
Muhammad Zaib, Usama Farooq, Muhammad Adnan, Zaheer Abbas, Kamran Haider, Noreen Khan, Roaid Abbas, Awon Shahzeb Nasir, Sidra, Muhammad Furqan Muhay-Ul-Din, Talha Farooq, Aoun Muhammad

Pages: 37-50 [Abstract] [View Full-Text]

Title: Sustainable Utilization of Water Resources in the Agriculture Sector of Sudan, After the Secession of South Sudan 
Authors:  Amir K. Basheer, Abubaker B. Ali, Nazar A. Elshaikh, Gamareldawla H. Agbna
Pages: 51-66  [Abstract] [View Full-Text]

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